Some of our Special Supporters: 

Although we can't include the full list of supporters here (stay tuned for an updated page for that-rev. 5/25/15), we want to thank the following list of donors who have made all of our work possible. 

Dianne Bossert
Terri and Tom Morgel
Jen Stein and Guy Hanley

Phyllis and Hilman Anderson
Gloria and Jenn Berg in memory of Clayton Fjeld
Minot Optimist Club

Cheryl Stein

$3,000 +

Donated Equipment:
Heather and Jason Bullinger-BBQ grill 
Jane and Mark Halvorson- horse tack and grooming supplies
Rita Goff-adaptive equipment and supplies
Dick and LaVonne Whorley-materials for wheelchair ramp

In-Kind Donations:
Brad Abel
Dianne Bossert
Judy Geske
Rita Goff
Connie Irey
Bryan Korgel
Allison and Mark Roth
Arnie Stein
Cheryl Stein
Alex Schaefer
Frank and Marvel Schaefer
Jeff Schaefer
Ken Schaefer
Matt and Sheri Schaefer
Bette Shipley 
Jeannie and Lee Vigstol
Adam Zander

Casey Miller
Jayda Watson
Carlyssa Quam
Kelsey Bell
Meaghan Bell
Marley Kotylak
Ryleigh Engg
Kailey Yaremy
Jessica Buckman
Emma Schaefer
Brooke Schaefer

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Superior Auto Repair: click to view their web page. 

Serenity Therapeutic

Equine Program

(701) 833-7911

7580 16th St SW Minot ND 58701

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Supporters make our work possible:

Horses require a great deal of time, effort, money, and care. Supporters of the program make it possible to provide services to our riders through a safe and encouraging environment. 

Support comes in many forms, including volunteers, donors, grants and foundations, board members, and the support of the surrounding community.  

​Minot Fashion Week

Some of our  business supporters include: